Dr Vishal Kastwar is Chief Diabetologist at Marble City Hospital, Jabalpur. He is also a Consultant in Non-Invasive Cardiology and Medicine at Aditya Hospital and Marble City Hospital, Jabalpur. He specialises in Diabetology, Non-Invasive Cardology and Internal Medicine, and has been practicing since 2006. Dr. Kastwar can be consulted privately at Shreedeep Medical Care Centre (located at Johnson Tower near Gorakhpur Thana), on any weekday after 3 pm, by appointment.

Dr. Kastwar did... [+]

  • Fellowship in Diabetology. CMC, Vellore.
    Tamil Nadu
  • Authorised Physician for Madhya Pradesh Tourism employees.
  • Authorised Medical Attendant for CSMA (Central Government employees).